The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive curriculum that promotes positive outcomes for preschool children.

Nationally known for its forward-thinking, rigorously researched model, The Creative Curriculum® has been trusted for decades by early childhood educators in classrooms across the country.

It focuses on meeting the needs of individual children, while honoring and respecting the role that teachers play in making learning engaging and meaningful for every child.The curriculum components were designed to provide everything you need to build an engaging and effective program.

The Foundation offers insight into the most current research and best practices for early childhood education. The Daily Resources, including Teaching Guides, Intentional Teaching Cards™, Mighty Minutes™, and Book Discussion Cards™, help you organize and manage your day intentionally and effectively. The curriculum components also include built-in support for all learners, with specific sections of guidance for working with English- and dual-language learners, advanced learners, and children with disabilities.